NEW Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Consumer Guide
I was so sick of hyperbaric companies claiming that they have the best hyperbaric chamber and talking negatively about other brands that they do not sell. If it was just one company doing this I would let it go. 
I want to create a site with reviews on hyperbaric chambers that is not from a sales perspective.

THIS WEBSITE IS FOR CUSTOMERS LIKE ME! I would have saved a lot of time if I had a guide like this. My readers are asking tougher questions now after reading this site. It is very hard for a new customer to see through the hype when each manufacturer has a counter sales pitch for the competitor company.

I hope this site can be used as an information tool to help anyone who is trying to pick out a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. I appreciate the feedback I have been receiving from people reading this site.


Main Things To Consider
Other Claims To Avoid


I will see to it that no one gets
confused over buying a hyperbaric
chamber anymore. I NOW know what is going on and my website is here to tell it.
Disclaimer: Stuff I was told to put on the bottom of this page.For informational purposes only. Do not consider this website medical advice. It is here only for you become educated and to be entertained so you can make your OWN decision. Talk to your doctor, health professional, chiropractor, or your care taker before considering hyperbaric therapy or any therapy we talk about or any therapy. Please take what we say as for your entertainment only. Nothing on this website is meant to cure any disease or sickness or any condition or performances. I guarantee nothing on this website. We will not sell nor refer anyone to a distributor for purchasing a hyperbaric chamber without a prescription. If you have any questions about this site, ask for Steve, Bill, Seth, Dave, or anyone else thats currently working. I hope the site helps people understand more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and hyperbaric chamber engineering. Again, this site is only put up to list my opinions about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and hyperbaric chambers and is only my opinion. I do not claim my opinions to be facts. This information on my site or when you call us does not take the place of any certified physician consultations or their advice or any treatment. I make zero claims about the effectiveness of hyperbaric chambers for any concern or indication other than what is currently approved by the F.D.A. Hyperbaric chambers are only approved by the FDA for mountain sickness and hyperbaric chambers are not intended to diagnose or treat or prevent or cure any disease or prevent any disease. Also the FDA doesn't support claims for the treatment of TBI, Autism, Strokes, Cancer, Diabetes, and or PTSD. We have to say this to have our site up. Keywords I have to use to show up on the search engines: hyperbaric chambers - hyperbaric oxygen therapy - hyperbaric chamber - hyperbaric oxygen - oxygen chamber  -Newtowne hyperbaric - Newtowne hyperbaric chamber- Vertical hyperbaric chamber - hyperbaric chamber - hyperbaric chamber therapy - hyperbaric treatment hyperbaric oxygen treatments - hyperbaric oxygen chambers - hyperbaric oxygen therapy - hyperbaric chambers - hbot - Hbot - grand dive chamber - New towne hyperbaric chamber - Military Dive hyperbaric chamber - Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chambers - Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy Hyperbaric chamber HBOT - Hyper Bariatric Chambers

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​With proof of diagnosis, hyperbaric chambers may be offered at a discount for parents buying for an autistic child.
HYPERBARIC CHAMBERS and Autism: Click here


and LYME DISEASE: Click here
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Individuals with Lyme Disease and Autism 
may be eligible for discounts.
Newtowne, the latest newcomer on the hyperbaric market. These are the lowest priced HBOT chambers I have reviewed. Time will tell if their chambers hold up.
Go to my Newtowne Hyperbarics Page
The Grand Dive is large enough to accommodate up to 3 people. Many people buy this to work out in and for individuals who prefer extra space. Demos are sometimes available for purchase.
Go to my Dive chamber review
​Call for prices on new and used.
1-877-326-5964. Ask for Sharon.
Shallow Dive Hyperbaric Chamber

Grand Dive Chamber

Vertical Dive Hyperbaric Chamber

The Vertical Dive chamber is a popular chamber for people who prefer to sit rather than lie down. There is a larger version of this chamber for individuals who need extra room for a wheelchair.
Go to my Dive chamber review
​Call for prices on new and used.
1-877-326-5964. Ask for Sharon.
The Shallow Dive is one of the most affordable and best selling buckle/belt hyperbaric chambers. It has more bells and whistles than the new E Series entry level chambers.
Go to my Dive chamber review
Call for prices on new and used.
1-877-326-5964. Ask for Sharon.
One used model is available
New Town Class 7 SERIES

New Town Class 4 SERIES

NewTowne, the latest newcomer on the hyperbaric oxygen chamber market. These are less expensive for their size and interestingly have 9 buckles which I find rare.
Go to my Newtowne Hyperbarics Page
Military Dive Hyperbaric Chamber

The Military Dive Chamber 33 inch hyperbaric chamber is reserved only for those with military ID. The frame is now on the outside unlike the older model. It has 2 cooler ports now too.
Go to my Dive chamber review
Call for prices on new and used chambers.
1-877-326-5964. Ask for Sharon.
As of now, there has been a huge drop in price in the hyperbaric chamber market. The new E Series 40 inch chamber is gigantic but with ZERO bells and whistles.
Go to my E-Series Hyperbaric Page
The Grand Dive Pro Plus is the largest hyperbaric chamber right now. This is for those who want a lot of room or who want to bring a family inside the chamber and have lots of room to move around. I urge people to get the cooler with this one. Grand Dive Pro review here.
My newest Hyperbaric Chamber Website
I appreciate all feedback.
Use the link above to visit my latest hyperbaric review site.
There are often people wanting to sell their hyperbaric chambers. If anyone is interested in a resale, it is important to have the seller send the chamber to the manufacturer for certification. If anyone wants a used hyperbaric chamber, contact 1-877-326-5964 to see what is available.

We buy and sell New and USED hyperbaric chambers.
We have a new hyperbaric chamber we are promoting. We did not sell Oxynova until now as they were a newcomer on the market. We have reviewed the Oxynova against other brands in their price range and we are putting up a side by side comparison. We have called about 50 clinics that have their chamber and not one of them ever had to replace blown windows or send their chamber in to fix zippers like the other brand we used to promote.

If you are comparing chambers, please call me to compare this brand to the other brand you are comparing. They do not advertise so you probably haven't heard of this brand.

This is the only chamber that doesn't make loud popping noises while it is inflating. No off gassing smells either. I have the hookup with all the brands and sell oxygen concentrators, coolers, silencers at my dealer cost also. I answer my phones at 1-877-326-5964. Ask for Alan.
The first TEFLON chamber -100% plastic free
Call 1-877-326-5964 to hear how this chamber is different.
CONSUMER WARNING: If you are sensitive to off-gassing and plastic smells, make sure you don't buy a plastic chamber - tire store smell!