​Most of the problems happen with the oil type compressors and with oxygen concentrators that people don't clean regularly. Some chambers have dual intake filters and others have single filters. Some people even buy air purifiers for the room. Breathing in dust particles under pressure is not a good thing and not the same as breathing it under normal pressure.

Most good filter filter particles down to .01 microns as long as they are cleaned regularly. They won't any oil smells, just the particles.

Air Quality Temperature 
Filtration comparisons are one thing but the better compressors create less friction to pump pressured air into the chamber and the air is less hot. Also the better ones that have a cooling system can lower the humidity rate inside the chamber. Warm air holds more moisture than cooler air.

Many people like to breath through masks on their nose. It is not a good thing when the concentrated air is warmed too much.

Along with the pressure inside the chamber, the nitrogen also gets concentrated and many people prefer to have along an oxygen concentrator used with their sessions. If someone is going for shorter sessions and doesn't have hours to spend in the chamber, the concentrated oxygen can be the biggest factor. Many clinics use the concentrators to get faster results and cut down session times.

​Note: For the best air quality, it is best to have a conditioner to cool the air during a session. Warm air can harvest bacteria and it can stick to the walls and it is very important to wash the entire chamber out between patients, especially the people that have yeast infections. I check everyone's tongue for white haze on the back to make sure they aren't breathing out yeast all in the chamber. Please have a tongue scraper. If not, I always keep several on the stand right next to it. If your tongue is white, then your probably won't even notice another person's foul breath or taste in their mouth even when kissing them. It's ruined so many of my relationships, especially in movies when she tries to kiss me. Very awkward for me. The last girl walked out and slammed the door when I reached into the glove compartment for the tongue scraper. Are you kidding me? She got mad at me for trying to be clean. Not many people understand what I have to go through.

​Most clinics don't have someone who will truly disinfect the entire chamber after the last per son got out of it. I have heard stories of such bad air quality in the chamber that people have gotten sick and don't realize why. Some chambers have a nasty smell but most people don't even smell it because they are so toxic in the first place they don't even notice it. YOu have to be detoxed and a high vibration to really sense these odors.

​Oxygen concentrators add more oxygen in the chamber and the anaerobic bacteria have a harder time growing as opposed to having sessions without an oxygen concentrator. Higher oxygen concentration and cooler chambers = less bacteria harvest.

If you need help choosing the right type of chamber that will give you the air quality you want, let me know on my hyperbaric quiz. Take the hyperbaric quiz here.

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The dual hose silencer:
I recommend this for anyone who doesn't want to put on earplugs each time. Also, if using 2 smaller compressors and putting them into two compressor ports, this can also reduce the most of the noise. In my hyperbaric chamber I get the added benefit of the sound muffler and having 2 smaller compressors that makes up for a louder larger one.

The dual port silencer also releases a few degrees of hot air that comes out of the compressor before it goes into the chamber.