​It seems that almost every month a new company is emailing me to get me to sell their chambers. I am getting emails on how I can make more money selling theirs than the ones they say I am selling now. Just to show how they don't even read my site. I don't even sell chambers. How would I trust a hyperbaric manufacturer that is just spamming chamber sites. They are like used car dealers trying to get me to sell junk. I looked at my older emails from 6 months ago and go figure, those manufacturer websites are no longer accessible and pages not found.

I have done my research. I know what makes a good chamber good and what makes a cheap chamber the price it is. There are chambers that sell for $20,000 and some that sell for $5,000.
Companies selling the cheaper ones will tell me that I am overpaying if I spend more than $5,000. Are you kidding me. I have dissected these. I hear the complaints on the junk out there. Like I said, "DON'T THEY REALIZE FACTS REVEAL EVERYTHING".

If you plan on using a chamber temporarily or long term and want accuracy, this is really what it all comes down to. If your condition justifies something short term and you are not putting a child in the chamber with an injured brain or a very delicate situation, a cheap chamber can work.

Cheaper Chambers Models Under $5,000 dollars
The chambers in the under $5,000 range do work. I am not going to say that they don't work at all but I will say they work at a different efficiency rating based on my testing and the feedback from other users who have bought the chambers in the budget price range. First, I want to know that if it does have accuracy measurements, I want to know if it will still be accurate 3 years later or after the warranty period. Almost no problems occur during warranty periods based on all the complaints I get. Do not get confused thinking that the specs on a budget chamber that have the same specs as a 20,000 dollar one are the same. It really comes down to how long you want to own the chamber and if you plan on getting it serviced less often. If you don't want the headaches of having to wonder if the settings are accurate, especially if using the chamber with a child inside, a residential chamber might give you more piece of mind.

​Some of the things that I don't like about the cheaper chambers are that they are often too noisy. There are some cheaper chambers that are less noisy at first but then seem to get louder over time. In engines, just like a car that becomes noisier when it ages, the copper windings in the motors change their crystalline structure and form and noise that wasn't there at first will come over time. Better designed motors don't get noisier as their components don't age as quickly.

Another thing is EMF. Better motors create less EMF. The last thing I want is to put a child in a chamber that gives off too much EMF. EMF exposure is something you should look into if you don't know about it already. Basically, EMF lowers the body voltage. When people are really sick they have a lower voltage than a healthy person. I urge people to go to the counter at Radio Shack and just ask them if you can use their battery tester for a minute. (Or you can just buy one. They only cost about 14 bucks). Wet your fingers and pinch the black wire with one hand and the red wire with the other hand. That will tell you your starting voltage. -70 to -90 millivolts is what you should want to see. Use a hair dryer and soak up all the EMF and come back and you might notice that your voltage has gone down even lower. The worse thing is standing next to a blender. That creates the most EMF of any household appliance, just second in EMF exposure to an airplane engine. (I SIT AS FAR AWAY FROM THE ENGINE AS A I CAN OR I WON'T EVEN TAKE THE FLIGHT IF I HAVE TO SIT NEAR THE ENGINE).

I do not like off-gassing either. Some frames are made of cheap plastic, some are made of ABS plastic and some are made of other composites that leach formaldehyde, especially if left in a hot room. The last thing you want is to breath in formaldehyde when in a chamber or the off-gassing when it is in the room. If you have chemical sensitivities please let me know on my quiz so I don't pick one that leaches any smells.

The cheaper chambers usually have limited warranties in the small print.
If a chamber breaks or anything happens that requires fixing and there is no warranty you can be in trouble. I always would find out what is covered and what is not and for how long. Just because there is a warranty doesn't mean everything is covered. Can you say "Limited Warranty"?

There are only a few models worth buying that cost under 5,000 dollars and if your situation doesn't require to have "certified settings" or are only going to keep the chamber temporarily, a chamber in the budget price range might be for you. I have heard the complaints and also hear good feedback on these chambers. It all depends on what someone is using it for and how often, etc. 

Take my hyperbaric chamber quiz to see which model is best for you. If I believe your needs fit the requirements of a budget chamber I will let you know. If not, I will tell you why I recommend something better. No one should should pay more for a hyperbaric chamber unless it has features that can be justified for the price.

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