SCAM - Okay, this is the biggest confusion for EVERYONE! All these pay-per-click sites and sites that come up first are playing this game, so they try to catch the customer who doesn't search more. The research informations and claims are plagiarized for sure. I know where they get their chambers from and there is no way that their chambers do what they are known for. All these companies claim research that's not even theirs! They just state it in their marketing like it's a fairy tale or bedtime story, like you just have to accept it for what it is. Like, "A long time ago, in a far away land, hyperbaric chambers cured people of their needs to have costly medication or for their peak health obsessions, so today we have this technology for you....Japanese research showed that they can make a residential version of a chamber and it was effective." So dumb, I WANT TO KNOW WHERE I CAN GET THAT ONE, THE ONE ACTUALLY TESTED TO PROVE THIS! Not some knock off saying another hyperbaric chamber once did it!  Look, you really think they all have real constant output compressors that are close to the input peak horsepower? You really think everyone has real powerful compressors? If they did, what's the use of proprietary technology? Sick of these circus acts, get smart and look for the real thing.

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