I can only afford a small chamber but my kid won't go in it. I need a larger chamber but they are twice as expensive. Please help!
   well, it really depends on how you buy it. We are not allowed to discount unless you have certain forms that allow us to reduce the price. Because we cannot sell a chamber under MAP price (this is not my rule, the manufacturer's), I cannot discount. However, I can rent on sliding scales to those that cannot afford a new one. 

I called one site and then called you. Your rental rates are almost almost 75% cheaper than everyone else
    well, it depends on if someone is putting down a 100% refundable deposit or I have to get the manufacturer to put down the deposit. If the customer puts down the deposit, then I can rent for a significantly reduced price.

This is really messed up. Every time I check the site, there are different deals. One day you have rent one month get one free, the next day, rent 2 months get 1 free, then I saw a 2 week free trial. How come you never have the same offer more than a day it seems?
    well, I even had a free one month rental just to see what happened and no one emailed me the entire day as if they didn't believe it. I had 5 chambers just collecting dust in my house that were brand new and if they are going to be rented out anyway, I didn't feel right about just letting them sit there when I know they could help someone. It was about 3 in the morning and I couldn't sleep and probably half asleep got on my computer and made that offer. The next day, I was shocked that not one email came in. It sounds like the more I try to give the less people trust and the more I charge people think I am greedy. i am still trying to figure out the best way to do this. Local people don't have trust issues as I go there and just bring it to them and its done on the spot. I travel a lot and if I know that I will be in someone's area for a few weeks, I can bring an extra chamber. (this usually pays for my flight and motel)!!!

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