SCAM - Some hyperbaric chamber companies advertise that they have these special motors that are really powerful and efficient and are the "best"; sure they do. If you read this and don't care about the type of motor you get, I would rather have you find a company that makes motors and just buy 5 of them and put it in a cardboard box. You can pretend that you have a high grade motor that is so special and slap on a brand and start business! PLEASE DON'T.

Normally, the compressor is purchased separately from the chamber itself. Many people these days want more air flow to keep it cooler and less humid in their and others live in colder places and want less noise but less air flow. Many people get aftermarket compressors that are built really high end.
Summit to Sea makes a smaller lower powered but lower noise compressor. This is the most popular type as its quieter. Many people get two of these going back to back instead of one larger one. Two of these keeps it cooler and noise down. Using the noise muffler/cooler
 also makes it whisper quiet. See my other compressor page here.
this is a must have with any chamber. The air goes into this thing from the compressor and cools it and dampens the sound from the compressor to make the chamber whisper quiet inside. Wish I had this years ago.

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