14,000 to $25,000 Soft Chamber Models:
The types of parameters that set these apart from the residential chambers that make them so expensive are the components that require extra expenses to get the exact delivery of pressure over time and accuracy in all of its settings. There are usually more bells and whistles such as better air purifiers, better shells, less noisy air pumps, and less EMF is often created.

Know that the maximum peak pressure is not what you want to look for. That is usually the selling point of the budget chambers that have the matching "maximum pressure" as the commercial chambers. I call this Phony Pressure. It is the pressure you get after a year down the road. If you want to certify that your pressure is not just peak pressure that gets reduced quickly over time, getting a commercial chamber from a company that has been around a long time that has years and years of proof that their chambers don't lose their power is what I look for. There are companies coming and going that have zero years of experience in the chamber business that just decided one day to get some private label manufacturer in China to try to knock off a chamber and put the same specs as a commercial one just long enough so they won't return it during the warranty period and 
charge a lowball price to make customers think that they are the savior and are trying to make chambers for affordable when all they are doing is manufacturing junk that has little value for the price.

Commercial chambers usually take less time to start each session, especially if you don't want to wait so long for slower start up times. In a clinical setting, when there are several patients waiting to use the chamber, faster start up times and chambers that are easier to clean are always preferred. Many people think that the prices of these are inflated until they buy a budget chamber and see that they fail with heavy usage over time. I strongly recommend a higher end residential chamber or an entry level commercial chamber if someone plans on using it daily or for more than two people on a daily basis in a home. I would almost never recommend a budget chamber for a child that will be using it for more than 6 months. This is why I often recommend renting a higher end chamber which can cost the same price or more as buying a budget chamber and then reselling it at a loss. The goal is to help someone, not just get a chamber and trying to get by without any expense. 

With a commercial chamber you get the piece of mind that the chamber has the most accurate settings you can get.
Ask questions relevant to the components and parameters of your chamber. A testimonial from one person's treatment might be totally opposite of what you need for the same protocol you need. Take my hyperbaric quiz and I will help you pick out a laser that has the right parameters.
I have spent a lot of time dissecting hyperbaric chambers. Some are really cheap and some are just the opposite, very sophisticated and high end. Some are not powerful enough for the long haul while others are fine just for treating issues that don't require accuracy such as a delicate injured brain. The reason most people return chambers is because they don't have the right parameters for what they are treating or they take too long to work. If you are looking to get a hyperbaric chamber, you may ask me any questions pertaining to your needs.

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