What do I do with the chambers that people rent for 2 to 5 months and return them when they don't need them anymore. I sell them as demos or used depending on how used they are. Every time someone rents one, I deduct that off the price of the demo.

For example if a chamber retails for 5000 and I rented it for 5 months at $350 a month, then I take the $1,750 off the 5000 original price making it $3250. If I want to discount it further, I can give whatever discount I want because I am NOT discounting a new chamber. Many people are accusing me of renting a chamber for a month for 350 bucks and then selling it to a friend as used. I do not do this I will not sell a used chamber unless it is at least 5 months old to shut people up that are complaining that I am trying to discount chambers. If I have too many chambers coming back after the 5 months from people that don't want to rent to own, then in order to not get stuck with too many chambers, I will discount it accordingly. I offer sliding scale prices on my used ones if someone needs a better price. This is based on my inventory. I will only sell my demos or used ones to those that have a prescription. If someone already has a prescription and is willing to do things that I suggest on my gratitude page and I don't have to spend an hour trying to convince someone the benefits of a chamber, then this all makes my prices affordable. When too many people call the first time who have no idea what a chamber is and I have to be the first one to spend an hour with them, don't expect discounts. The best way to get a discount is to email me and tell me a time to call you. If my employees have to answer the phones when I am not available, that also increases the price because I have to pay them, similar to going to the owner of a store instead of talking to the sales people. Without making references to discounts, I hope people will get the hint! :)

If you want a demo or a used chamber, use my contact page here.

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