SCAM - I busted a company, or shall I say, shady entrepreneur, that has multiple websites promotes different hyperbaric chamber brands. This person is selling about 4 different brands and marketing that each one is better than the other on each of these websites. Most of the products are exactly the same, but they have different model names and prices for them. 

These websites have no interest in helping you get the hyperbaric chamber that is right. They just want you to be fooled with the use of popular industry jargon to seem like they are effective model. If you click on these Google Ad-word links, you'll think that you are visiting different dealers, but the websites are all owned by this person and uses call centers for each website, paying them on commission. THE SAME PRODUCTS HAVE DIFFERENT MSRP PRICING AND CONTRADICTING INFORMATION! Watch out for this and don't hand them your hard earned money.

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