Grand Dive Pro Plus - Summit to Sea - See my promotional offer below

So the older Grand Dive pro, the 46 inch diameter hyperbaric chamber is now 60 inches in diameter. Looking at their new 5 foot diameter chamber makes the old grand dive pro look small. The Grand Dive Pro Plus by Summit to Sea is so big you don't need to buy a dedicated vertical chamber anymore like people had to in the old days. With such a large chamber you can lay down or have the height of the old 5 foot tall vertical chamber all in one chamber. 

This is mainly for people that have wheel chairs. With the vertical older models, many people had to recline their wheelchair seat to get comfortable. With the new Grand Dive Pro Plus by Summit to Sea a person can roll their wheelchair into the opening.

Size for 2 people:
Since this is the largest hyperbaric chamber on the market at this time, 2 people can be in the chamber to gather and be way more comfortable than any other one, including the 46 inch which was still big but this one is even more comfortable.

Tip: for those who really don't want to lay down on the foam mat, this can fit a recliner such as those many people buy at places like Relax the Back store that I bought my original chair from a long time ago.

​This comes with 4 compressors so their is plenty of fresh air flow. All their other ones have 2 compressors. I use people to get the cooler if 2 people are going into this. With 4 compressors, it is needed to release the moisture and humidity but 4 compressors WILL create more heat. If the room is 70 degrees the chamber inside will be around 88 degrees. Also with 4 compressors I urge people to get 4 sound mufflers with this model. (I will sell the cooler and sound mufflers at cost as they can be expensive. 

Grand Dive Pro Plus 60" promotion

Retail $17,495 ($500 more than the current wheelchair model that is being phased out).

Promotion: Get a 2 FREE Airsep 20psi 10lpm oxygen concentrator with this purchase. These retail for around $1500 each. For those who are going in with 2 people you will not have to worry about buying the concentrator since it will be included. I strongly urge those who are considering 1 concentrator that plan on turning it up to 10lpm. This can very quickly age the concentrator and should always be never turned up over 8lpm. Having 2 of these at 5lpm will give a higher concentration and the oxygen concentrator won't have to work against so much back pressure producing the higher flow.
Closed Loop Hyperbaric Chamber Coolers
Can you imagine getting in a chamber that is 20 degrees cooler than the normal chamber temperature without the cooler. The air tubing draws the hot air out of the chamber and cools it to 32 degrees and pushes the cold air back into the chamber giving the person in the chamber a comfortable and pleasant hyperbaric experience.

Only when the closed loop cooler is used then the temperature goes down about 20 degrees. So, if it's 72 degrees in the room, the chamber will be around 70 degrees. So if the room temperature is 80 degrees, the chamber will be around 78 degrees with the cooler instead of 98 degrees without. A typical 70 degree room with one person in the chamber will make the chamber 88 to 90 degrees without the cooler. If 2 people are in the chamber without the cooler it will be much warmer. (the dual port silencer/cooler cools the air from the compressor just a few degrees as some of the warmth escapes before it goes in the chamber but it is mainly a silencer so it's quiet in the chamber.

Hyperbaric Cooler - I only promote the closed loop cooler. (before there was only the open loop)
Closed loop coolers are keep the ice colder much longer than open loop coolers.
They are more expensive as they require a 3rd compressor to run it and the compressor costs about 400 dollars which is included in the price of the cooler. We buy these in bulk so we can throw in the entire closed loop cooler with larger hyperbaric chambers and discount them with smaller hyperbaric chambers.
The closed loop cooler is the biggest game chamber since it came out. I have used non closed loop coolers and even 4 compressors and the new cooler brings the temperature in the chamber down nearly 20 degrees. It is really hard for me to do a long session in a hyperbaric chamber when it is humid and muggy and the windows and chamber is dripping from condensation. Dry, cooler air makes the biggest difference in comfort when the room temperature is at 70 degrees without the cooler the chamber would be close to 90 degrees. Body heat and warm air from the concentrator can bring the temperature up to very uncomfortable temperatures. 

Note: having 2 separate compressor ports with 2 separate compressors can help bring the temperature down about 5 degrees. Having just one air intake valve from one larger compressor can make the temperature go up around 5 degrees.
I do not like going into chambers that use a larger single compressor.
For those that don't want to invest in the closed loop cooler, the silencer and having 2 intake valves can bring the temperature down about 8 degrees (3 for the silencer and 5 for the dual compressors).

Note: in the winter I use the cooler as a heater. It is nice being warm in the winter as I pour hot water in the cooler instead of ice.. Also, I don't always recommend the cooler for everyone. I know that when my core temperature is heated and my blood vessels are dilated I can transport more oxygen to my cells when my body is warm.

Note: all the chambers on this site come equipped with a cooler port. Some people living in really hot areas or when 2 or 3 people are in the chamber may want to get a custom 2nd cooler port. This can make a chamber that is in a 70 degree room get the chamber to 50 degrees instead of about 68 degrees with one cooler. And, without the cooler, the 70 degree room would make the chamber around 88 degrees.

Note: Some hyperbaric chambers have only the air intake port that the air compressors that normally fills up the chamber with air is connected to the open loop cooler. This came out long before the closed loop cooler for the hyperbaric chamber and it does restrict the air flow some. The closed loop cooler does not use the air intake compressor and has it's own compressor so it does not stop the air flow like it would on the open loop type.

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This is the open loop type cooler. It brings in outside air and cools it instead of recirculating the already cool air in the chamber that is already cooler (usually 20 degrees cooler) than the temperature outside the chamber. The closed loop type since it is that much cooler keeps the ice from melting that much slower.
The chambers that have 2 compressors and a closed loop cooler port can allow people to use an open loop and a closed loop for those that have 3 or more people where it would get really hot. With the chambers that have 2 compressors, its even possible to have 2 open loop coolers and a closed loop but that wouldn't be needed unless people were doing EWOT in the chamber and creating a lot of body heat and it was really hot in the room outside the chamber.

How the closed loop cooler works -
It has about 30 feet of copper coil that has 30 stainless steel plates that get to the same temperature as the ice water. The heat exchanger transfers heat to the water. The air is cooled to freezing temperatures or whatever the water temperature is. If I add boiling water then 
the steel plates will heat up and blow super hot air.
As the air goes through the cooler and touches the surface area of the 30 plates, it will bring the heat into the water.

The closed loop cooler requires 2 plugs as it has dual pumps, one for the steel plates and one for the air that blows it through the plates.
Inside the closed loop cooler
without ice.

The metal thing is 
the heat exchanger. The open loop type just has air pass through ice without a heat exchanger which makes the chamber stay much colder.

This is the condenser hose that collects the perspiration and humidity in the air to make the chamber less muggy. In humid states like Florida, in a single session it can fill up with "nasty" water that needs to be drained. I always keep a little bucket next to the humidity drain hose. It is very hard for me to do a full session in a muggy hyperbaric chamber.

T​his is a closeup of the heat exchanger in the closed loop cooler. This is plugged in as well as the main pump. The closed loop cooler requires 2 plugs unlike the open loop cooler that doesn't require a plug. I will never go back to the open loop type since the closed loop cooler came out.

​If the room is really hot the compressor will blow even warmer air.
This silencer/cooler helps reduce the temperature a few degree but this is mainly a silencer.

This makes the hyperbaric chamber whisper quiet.
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This is the closed loop hyperbaric cooler. If the room is at 70 degrees, it will be around 98 degrees without the cooler. Compressor air is very warm along with body heat and perspiration. This also has a humidity release valve to capture the mugginess in the air. 
Humidity release valve -->

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