Gratitude: Things that people can do that will help me out. I will make an equal energy exchange for those that want to help me. This is not a contract saying that I "have to" do something for someone if they help me or I am going to put it in writing that I will do something for you. (I have to follow Map pricing. I cannot advertise or discount but if someone does a favor for me, I will do a favor for them. Do not do me a favor and ask for something in return. If you honestly want to help someone out by offering what I need on my list below, I will do my best to make an equal energy exchange.
This page is my page. Written for me and what I need. There are certain things I need from my customers or those that have bought chambers from other dealers that I cannot do alone. I am not expecting handouts from people or have people do me favors for free.

My desire to offer chambers to people is not driven by making money to drive fancy cars, vacations, the latest clothing, etc. I already have a solid core. I am not lacking nor struggling. I don't need to accumulate anything and certainly not jealous of anyone. There is plenty in the universe for everyone.

I offer the chamber as a crisis management protocol and to those that want peak health who do not have a positional tolerant body nor hydro-philic. I use hyperbaric chambers to raise the vibration of the body to a higher voltage and to oxygenate those that are incapable of doing it who are too degenerated to do it alone as their bodies are already compromised. 

Through gratitude and generosity of my customers, I have the confidence to make hyperbaric chambers more available to those that need one but cannot afford to buy or rent one. I do not find that people express their gratitude by helping me make money. These chambers are expensive enough at my wholesale cost as it is. 

What I am looking for is for those who are renting chambers to let others use them who are in dire situations. This is what is missing.​ There is a huge perception of lack when it comes to chambers because they are so expensive to buy and rent. I have customers who are greatly affected by the generocity of those who will share their chamber. In the end, I am the one that determines the price of the rentals as I either rent them on a sliding scale or not. I have to make the decision as I only have a certain number of chambers and have to rent to those that are helping me out the most. The money I make on chambers will either make it less expensive for the final sale of the chamber or to allow me to buy more chambers to rent.

I get a thrill out of letting someone (with a prescription) use my chamber and not charging them and feel how I just saved someone money that they couldn't spend. The thrill has turned into a business but I still look for the opportunity to give as well as receive. (Release = Receive).

Being in control of the chambers and helping people who cannot afford them gives me a sense of purpose. People sometimes don't believe me that I am not just in this to help people. When I sell or rent a chamber to someone who wants help me show gratitude the way I know how to, I will offer an 'equal energy exchange". Please do not ask for discounts. I will offer an equal energy exchange. If asked for it is not the same. After reading my site people usually tell me what they are willing to do to help me help the people that cannot afford chambers. If someone is doing me a favor only because the want something in return, that is not the same thing and not what I am looking for.

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