SCAM - Okay, I'm not gonna go into detail about this scam because it sums up the point of this whole website. But I learned that forced air compression is not singular like a laser beam, it's more like a chord, or range with a low-end and high-end. Most of these chambers aren't even just hyperbaric chambers. Some are higher constant power but lower peak power, like the marketing behind most of them. Others are more Mid grade chambers while others are high grade and have a high constant horsepower while pushing strong air flow not matter how big the chamber is. I'm not a research scientist in this field, but wouldn't you think that a compressor that is rated at 5 hp should deliver 5 hp worth of power? OF COURSE YOU DO! MOST OF THESE COMPANIES JUST TELL YOU THAT IT PRODUCES HORSEPOWER WHEN IT REALLY DOESN'T. They don't tell you that input horsepower is what they are referring to... not output horsepower. Just don't fall for the websites when something doesn't click all the way.

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