Lungs and Hyperbaric Chambers:
If you add a heating pad to the skin, the blood vessels will expand and start becoming more red. What happens if we breathe warm air the blood vessels in our lungs do the same. They expand and make it harder to pick up oxygen. The reason we get out of breath sometimes is because the corpuscles recoil from the warm air and we feel out of breath. Worse is for people that have toxic coated lungs that just make it harder to breath.

Hyperbaric chambers help us with our daily struggle for air, especially if we have degenerated to the point where we cannot get enough oxygen weather that be from degenerated lungs or poisoned blood. If you are inflamed all over your body you probably have a lot of poisoned blood from a stagnant lymphatic system.

Oxygen Needs
The body needs enough oxygen to live and you can get it by deep breathing or shallow breathing. Those living in the low altitudes typically are shallow breathers since the air is more dense than at higher altitudes. At high altitudes the air is very thin and requires deeper breathing to get the same oxygen as in lower altitudes. The problem is that the people in low altitudes never breath deeply since they don't really have to and the lower and outer fringes of their lungs become dormant and stagnant. If you are a shallow breather and go to a higher altitude, you naturally start breathing hard and it is uncomfortable at first. You are using parts of your lungs you hardly used before. These air cells you didn't use before now become resurrected. Also, when I moved back to a lower altitude my lungs were improved and I found it easier to breath.

By breathing in air at high altitudes, and returning to the lower altitude when the timing is right and you feel your lungs have been regenerated. When back in the low altitude with the newly expanded lungs I found I could do activities longer without the huffing and puffing before. I have researched that when you breath in the charged air from an ozone machine, it keeps the air similar to these higher altitudes. Even though their is less oxygen at higher altitudes the air is more charged. But, at low altitudes, the air is more dense but less charged. Since the ozone machines were produced, this has made the biggest difference in the air in the lower regions. If I live in a high altitude region I don't need an ozone machine.

Colds and Chambers:
The first sign of inflammation causing colds are clogged up sinuses to the point where they can't hold any more mucus. The sinuses are lined with mucus membranes. Even at the first sign of sniffling is a sign that the sinuses are not free of mucus. All the acidic toxins in the air empty out in the sinuses which is the first body part to react to this waste. This reaction is "The Cold". Headaches are usually causes from too much toxic mucus pressure in the sinuses. Even after blowing the mucus gets hardened in the sinuses and it is not a simple process to get the glands back to normal. Every cold and sniffle just makes it worse. It is hard to think clearly and have vibrant energy when our sinuses are congested.

Regenerated Body Tissues:
Every 7 years our body regenerates itself unless we have degenerated to the point where there is no resurrection. If the brain, for example is dormant, this does not mean it is dead. The brain is capable of regenerating provided quality air and nutrients (super foods). Increased oxygen can help bring back the rudimentary brain cells, for example, back to life. Most people are blinded by the truth and have no idea how to regenerated a degenerated body. Talk to people who have done it. Not sales people that think they know what they are talking about or just reiterating what their boss told them to say. Stupid idiots.

Living in the 21st century is now a struggle for pure air. When the dormant cells in the lungs are supplied with oxygen unlike in the lungs of degenerate lungs, there is no reason that I know of that problems associated with lack of oxygen can't be fixed. Eating a natural diet will make sure you keep a fresh supply of aerobic bacteria in the body too which also helps the dulled air organs to revive the body.

Toxic air lowers our vibration and pure, filtered air raises it. High vibrational people who breathe in fresh or filtered air vibrate much higher when their lungs are not coated with filth. When using a chamber, I would make sure I get the cleanest air possible so I won't be breathing in recycled poisoned air. Breathing toxic air dulls the entire nervous system. It is obvious why people function at such a low vibration every day.

Unlike eating toxic food that enters into the gut, toxic air poisons the blood in a different way though the lungs. The lungs don't have hydrochloric acid to neutralize the wastes like the stomach. The toxic fumes from pollution and acidic breath from toxic people just build up in the lungs. We shouldn't have to purifier the air like we do but because people are so toxic we don't want to breath in the waste of others. In nature, we never shut our doors and breath other peoples' wastes. Breathing in acidic air from toxic people in my research is worse that breathing in fumes from a big city. Poisoned blood is poisoned blood. So, next time you think you are breathing in germs, you are wrong. Foul air causes the immune deficiencies so we get sick from poisoned blood. A healthy body can tolerate germs. I can.

They say high vibrational bodies do not resist toxic air. This is a lie. Actually, the very unhealthy people resist the pollution and toxins in all of their foods. Their bodies are so weak that they tolerate the toxins causing their poisoned blood and lungs.

Constantly inhaling toxic air coats the lung walls and make it harder to breathe. A person with clean uncoated lungs can do the same work as a person with coated lungs and exert much less energy and less gasping for breath.

Many people are buying a hyperbaric chamber and do not need one. There are are symptoms of acidic conditions and there are symptoms of injuries. If something has been going on a long time it might require a few protocols before even considering a chamber. The last thing you want is a very unhealthy body that feels healthier. Many people feel better after being in the chambers but still isn't getting to the root of the most common problems. Many people are dulled have degenerate organs from a body full of toxins and acidity and blood that is poisoned. It is hard for someone to know who is telling them good advice and who is just trying to sell them something and giving sales pitches, and also the person who is just giving generic advice like hyperbarics helped people once. And, now they are the answer to everyone's problems. It is hard to accept what seems the truth when the mind is so dulled. It almost seems unrealistic that someone is willing to share what has worked with people and what has failed. I rarely hear the failure stories. The manufacturers won't share that. You usually have to go online to some site like or something similar. 

Degenerate people who are living at a low vibration are almost always doubting what I say when it comes to their health. They have been told so many different things by so many different doctors and friend that the burden is on me. Actually, I follow the principles of nature.

After studying hyperbaric chambers and results of who failed and who didn't. I feel qualified to help people either choose a hyperbaric chamber based from the ones I researched or help people decide if they even need a chamber.

Take my Hyperbaric chamber quiz if you would like my help.

Is it from an injury or bad ecology? most people are buying for the wrong reason and will set themselves up for failure and will return chamber. (find out by asking the question before they buy 

Are the blood vessels damaged or is the blood so poisoned and acidic that you can't deliver oxygen and buying a chamber probably won't help.
over half the people that call me and I need to make note of it and not let it slide. do not sell someone a chamber and train those who answer my phones to not rent or sell a chamber to anyone. Someone will not be able to rent unless approved. They might get mad but its in their best interest 

Let them know how good chambers great for healing injuries but are just a bandaid if used for trying to mask someone's poor body ecology. Remember, broken vessels cannot deliver oxygen no matter how much oxygen the body gets.

long term Injury Recovery: Pros & Cons of using the chamber
Body Ecology Recovery
Sports Injury Recover (when to use, (immediate, happened 2 weeks ago (is it still in the healing state or is it now in the inflammation state. 

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