Hyperbaric chambers can range from around $5,000 up to $75,000. I would sooner let rabid goats chew at my knees than go in a chamber that doesn't work right and wastes my time. The cheap ones are the ones people usually get for their kids. The
assumption that because its cheap will haunt you all the way back to your pediatric doctor who originally told you about the chamber.

If you want to understand how sophisticated a serious hyperbaric chamber is, just step down to your clinic and go for a session. Compared to them, these cheap chambers can be down fright-dangerous! Avoid over pressure with faulty gauges to avoid the problems that so many people have. Take a close look at these cheap chambers. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these chambers were made from plastic garbage can lids. Sheeesh.

Essentially, the same cheap frame and compressors are found in most of the cheap chambers and its componentry usually fails it in the end, but work so-so at first.

Also, if I set it to a certain pressure I expect it to be at that pressure - NOT OFF BY "JUST A LITTLE" BIT. As for chambers with inflated prices, you could be talking about a number of models, manufactured by one of any number of "contractors" in China to be marketed by someone who simply slaps a logo on and has themselves a product. Not that these are the low quality models on the market. You can do worse by buying a knockoff at some unknown import site. But if you can just wait a little while to save up to a better quality model, why consider a one of these, especially if you "know" someone who can share their "health professionals" discount.

Most of these inflated priced residential models pretend to have the features of the models you see in the clinics. They might have the great engineers with the best expertise but lack in the quality of components to call this a real hospital grade chamber. Don't fool yourself!

These inflated chambers don't seem like they are made for the long haul. I've already heard stories and seen pictures of cheap frames cracking on the mounting points. Non ABS plastic does not work! Not for the frame construction, unless you're using an aircraft grade synthetic, go with a metal frame.

Make sure you are friends with your neighbor below or they will come knocking on your door. Big mistake. The noise sings ever louder without some rubber padding in between. See if the manufacture will let you hear one of their chambers over the phone.

Whoever put the chambers together (conceptually, I mean, not who assembled my particular example of the inflated price models that look like the hospital grade ones) is far out of touch with the consciousness of the serious hyperbaric community. Under vigorous air pumping, it sounds like mating condors, like a nightmare, like goose torture.

They say that they don't skimp on the details just to make a few dollars extra profit, when referring to the fact that they offer a mid size chamber, a low end all the way to their top of the line, but the motors gets too hot when used consecutively to call it a hospital grade chamber. When the prices are not inflated, there really isn't much difference in production costs after the first mold is made, which is what I have found based on my research. You might hear different stories but it is just like any other mass produced item.

You can find chambers that cost 25 thousand dollars that have the same specs as one that costs 5 thousand dollars. People are so confused on what to buy when one dealer tries to sell his $5k chamber saying that the guy who is charging $20k has the same specs. Think mechanical response versus organic reciprocity. If you just look at specs, you can get thrown off by hype and inflated prices. Look into the components and engineering, not just what it does. A sports car and a van can reach 60 mph in the same time, but which does it with less wear and tear and is more efficient and built for speed. A good chamber has a quality built chassis
and is less noisy from REDUCED FRICTION and not just dampening materials.

Also know that they the specs on the inflated priced models have have specs that are "voluntary" based on the actual specs. It is usually mandatory to show the average specs but if they want to inflate and exaggerate their specs, you can get chambers that are lower or higher than spec. Because of the variations in construction and engineering of every chamber, they can vary slightly. Just by reading the spec sheet does not at all imply that the spec sheet meets the actual specs OF THAT SAME EXACT chamber you are buying but the specs of the highest chamber they tested at the factory. The spec sheet of production on your actual chamber can extend way beyond plus or minus 3 standard deviations from the average high spec on the sheet.

There are many variations too. Was the chamber tested at sea level or was it tested at high altitude? Since some of them are not registered with the FDA, were they tested in a hot or a super cold environment? How many chambers were sampled? What was the approval acceptance ratio and criteria? At what point do they reject a chamber and at what point is it sellable? If it fell in the provisions for rejection, was it refurbished? Whose signature of approval does it have? An employees? The owners? FDAs?

There are a lot of ways the features of a chamber can be inflated which makes them look like the higher quality ones. If a chamber looks too cheap to be true or you think you are buying an expensive one that is better because of the price, do more research and use the information on this website to help you discern between a fair priced and an inflated priced chamber. Take my hyperbaric chamber quiz and I will help you pick out a chamber based on your needs.

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