It doesn't matter what brand you think you're getting. 99.9% of these companies all claim that they
have exclusive hyperbaric chambers with special technology, but they're pretty much all the same; ALL
IMITATIONS. Even when you find at least two identical models with different brands on them, they will have
different information about them. If you asked them which one is better when comparing between them, they
will tell you that theirs is better. HOW? IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING! When you catch them on this lie,
so many other lies can be exposed. I wouldn't waste my money on those companies again. AND I WOULDN'T
RECOMMEND IT TO YOU EITHER! Don't go for a company that makes stuff up. It's really hard in this
industry because most companies play this game.

If you want to really know if you are getting a real quality product, you really need to look into where
they are getting their components from. I've look at almost every single hyperbaric
chamber website on Google so I know how extensive it can get. If you are looking into a brand,
ask the company where they are getting it from, the COUNTRY and the NAME of their
manufacturer, what other brands use their models. Get their answer, and if you want to double
check on it, contact me if you don't want to spend the whole week finding it out.

It is funny to hear competing companies talk about the features that are patented by other
companies that they don't have. When people call a hyperbaric company and ask why they
don't have a certain feature another model has, the company that doesn't have that feature will
make that other feature sound like its the cheesiest feature you can have. They always find
something bad to say about the competition.

Beware of a company that picks out something that they try to say is bad about their
competitor's model when it's something they can't offer due to a patent restriction. They will
make whatever they can't offer seem like its a terrible feature that is just hype. They will make
you think that feature is outdated or "was" a good feature before "their" new feature came out. If
you buy the old technology chamber you run the risk of turning blue from this or that and you will
become toxic and die. So, would you like to buy "our" hyperbaric chamber now that you know
we are offering the new technology?
Don't buy anyone's story when they trash talk another company's product to sell their own.

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