Okay, a lot of people don't know why this thing started so here's my story. I'm getting too many emails to explain this over and over again, so I'm just gonna post it for you to all read. I just figured buying a hyperbaric chamber was an easy thing and that they all worked so I could just get one that was nice looking at a good price. I didn't want people to go through the same thing as me because it was honestly a lot of headache researching and a lot of money to spend just to mess up over and over again. But my personality didn't allow me to settle and believe in lies because I know a lot of businesses that just try to make you feel good to get your money. The more research I did, it made me sick. They lie so much that I don't think they remember that they lied to begin with anymore.

Since I launched this site, I now know that ALOT of people are in the situation I was in. And I'm even getting emails about people finding out they were ripped off too. Thanks for not ranting to me too much since I understand you already. It really upsets me that businesses just hype. I'm not a fool, but they made me feel like one with their marketing pitches of hope and great technology. So I ended up feeling like one, but I didn't want to stay feeling like that, so I made sure that I found my own way to really get to the bottom of this thing. By the end of my search, I found what I was looking for and I stand by it because I'm convinced that I have the real thing. How do I know?

I just started typing in more words into Google and started saving all the pages of companies. As I was doing this I saw that I started seeing similarities, so I grouped them together and opened all the pages to click and compare. SO MANY BRANDS HAVE THE SAME HYPERBARIC CHAMBERS! THEY ALL CLAIM! So I started looking for where they were actually getting them, because most companies said that they were the manufacturer. I found information it's not even funny.I had so much information that I didn't want to waste it since I thought there were no chambers out there that matched the manufacturers claims. All hocus pocus. So I was about to do a site called something like "Don't Buy Hyperbaric Chambers".

I got good at Googling hyperbaric chambers after a month, so I was looking for more things. I found a company that was different than all the others. So I read their site and called them too. They didn't give me pitches, they didn't email me more than I asked. So I thought maybe they were legit. So I had to give it a shot because I was so deep into it. When I got my next one, my last and final one, it felt TOTALLY different than all the models I tried including the 2 I bought before that! I relax ALOT more TOO! It just felt really really good. So I was convinced that I got the best one now.

So I believe in hyperbaric therapy, but I just know that a lot of them aren't what they say they are. The first one is so common out there that so many brands use it as their "product". I got it cheap though, that's for sure. My second one did have a brand name, and they did have a old company, but they still didn't have the real deal. So when people email me, I just guide them to what they think they need. I don't push a hyperbaric chamber, but if you want to save time and headaches. I just think their is one really good one out there, that's all. From what I see, it is.

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