SCAM - First of all, no private labels have original manufactured parts for their products
because its not really theirs to begin with. But all of these companies offer lifetime
warranties. How does a young importing company offer lifetime warranty when they
haven't been in business long enough? How does the "brand" owner give a lifetime
warranty if the factory only gives 1 or 2 years? The easiest way to find out if you've
been scammed is to see if the brand on the control pad matches to the brand on the
serial plate.  

Some sneaky companies will have this covered, but once you uncover the truth of who they
import from you'll understand why they'd do it. YOUR WARRANTY IS NOT REAL WHEN
YOUR HYPERBARIC CHAMBER HAS PROBLEMS! You think they really care about you
after? They just want your money then and there. If you do need help, good luck not paying the
full price to replace the part. Just look for a really legitimate company if you want to think about
your hyperbaric chamber use in the long run.

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