Oxygen concentrators:
These can range anywhere between 500 to 3,000 dollars. There are many factors do consider before purchasing one. Some people use two concentrators.
There are 2 issues to consider when buying a concentrator
1. Back Pressure (psi)
2. Flow (how many liters per minute)

Back pressure has to be above the chamber pressure or it won't have the power to bring concentrated air in.

A 500 dollar one is usually loud and sounds closer to a high pitch helium ballon tank filling up balloons. The higher the pressure, usually on the more expensive models, allows for more oxygen to be concentrated and deliver more pure oxygen to the chamber. If a chamber is at 4psi and the concentrator only goes up to 5 psi, then it will have to work harder and create much more noise, usually a more higher pitch tone, not the soothing baritone noise.

Most 500 dollar ones are rated at 7psi and the ones over 2,000 usually go up to 20 psi. These typically don't strain and are the best for delivering more concentrated oxygen to the chamber.
Note: According to most people that I have talked to the session when used without an oxygen concentrator are 1 to 5. They require either staying in about 5 times as long or getting an oxygen concentrator which they say 5 hours is like 1 hour with a concentrator.
If someone is going to be in for more than 5 hours, then there is probably no need for a concentrator.

Basically, the concentrator is supposed to oxygenate the body 5 times faster. I suggest renting a concentrator first to see the difference. You can always rent to own which is good also. If using not just for a session a day and getting 5 hours in a day, I would say that that is probably find for most people. The body can only hold so much oxygen. Any more is over kill. Also, there is a lot of maintenance of cleaning filters that comes along with the oxygen concentrator. If you get a compressor, also make sure you know if your compresses air is an oil less one. Chemicals and pollutants compressed under pressure in the air is magnified and the cluster size gets smaller which means that the body can absorb more toxins, especially in a dusty room.

The Largest Hyperbaric Chamber Review Website on the internet.
​The most important thing to understand about chambers - "When you are in the chamber, the increased air pressure DECREASES the volume of oxygen but the amount of it INCREASES. This lets more oxygen deliver into the cells than actually breathing in pure 100% oxygen without a chamber.

My understanding is that under pressure there is no difference of molecules but in normal atmospheric pressure I absorb 21%, under 4 psi I will absorb 26-28% due to the fact that under pressure my blood plasma and lymph fluid absorb oxygen rather than just my hemoglobin. Fluids and plasma getting farther and harder to reach areas that the red blood cells/hemoglobin transfer can get to. I.E. like a stroke victim will have blood clots in their brain where a cell can't pass but the lymph fluid that surrounds the brain can oxygenate those damaged cells under HBOT. Back to absorption percents. Breathing 100% oxygen I am absorbing 27% but just for the most part red blood/hemoglobin not fluids/plasma and under pressure up to 36% absorption with oxygenated lymph fluids and blood plasma. 36% being in a chamber with an oxygen concentrator feeding in the auxiliary valves.

Some of the things you can do to your water to increase oxygen saturation. More protocols can increase this but only after the base protocols are taken. Before going into a chamber I always drink water with 8 drops of Cell Food and add a few drops of Adya Clarity. I first structure the water so that it becomes hydrophilic so I actually absorb it. Note: I do not recommend Adya Clarity for certain people.

Hydrophilic: When the cells are hydro philic and water absorbent they are able to receive more oxygen. For people that are very toxic oxygen enhancing protocols to help saturation are almost mandatory. At normal atmospheres, there is about 2.5% of the oxygen we breath attached to the blood plasma, the rest circulates in the blood's hemoglobin. This 2.5% in the plasma is effected differently between 100% to 400%. More importantly than oxygen enhancing protocols, building up aerobic bacteria is one of the things many people buy chambers for. Anaerobic bacteria cannot live in an oxygenated environment because they survive better in an low oxygenated environment, the main defense is to just destroy them with oxygen. When the anaerobic bacteria ingest oxygen, their defenses break down and they die.

​I always limit liquids to a minimum necessity so that you never urinate more than twice a day in 24 hours (men, no more than 3x a day). Urine should be deep brown and transparent. Fecal matter should be dark brown and orange, buoyant with a good odor. Most people with disease have a yellow and transparent urine which shows sediment after about 10 minutes. More yang foods can help. If you are peeing more than 4 times a day you are probably already seeing the effects of toxicity. A true healthy man or animal has no need for toilet paper. Excess of water in the body reduces vitality, lowers blood ratio and body temperature, and makes the kidney and heart overwork.

Getting an Aerobic Body Ecology:
When the body is saturated with oxygen, the body has less food addictions and the body feels good. There is less need to put addictive toxins in the body that most people consume on a daily basis. Some people have no idea and listen to everyone. I see people bringing Kombucha Tea to yoga classes who are doing things to make an aerobic ecology but are doing things at the same time that do just the opposite. This tea is just like making a beer brewery in the body. Mushrooms are anaerobic. Mold spores make an anaerobic ecology.
Many people always feel like they are needing more oxygen, (anaerobic body ecology).

Anaerobic Body Ecology:
When your body is anaerobic, the body burns energy and releases more lactic acid instead of releasing carbon dioxide instead. This is normal energy burning. Those with an anaerobic body ecology produce and store more lactic acids than those with an aerobic body ecology. Most people needing a chamber are living day to day in a very high sugar and a low aerobic, oxygenated state. It is very hard to be unhealthy with an aerobic body ecology and lower blood sugars. I use Cell Food and Adya Clarity among other things that help prevent this type of body ecology.

Ways to Revive Dormant Cells through hyperbaric therapy and protocols:
It is very hard to teach someone motor skills, speech therapy, and social skills when the voltage of the cells are very low. When the cells are vibrating at higher voltages therapies and protocols can work more as intended. For example, if taking a probiotic to increase the aerobic metabolism, having a low voltage body won't utilize them as they would if it were increased.
If giving speech therapy, if the nerve force is very low, it will be hard to for a patient to follow the protocols at a low voltage level and anaerobic state.

Can you have too much oxygen in your body?
Well, too much can oxidize the body, just like an apple turning brown if left out cut in half. In the chamber, you are not getting more oxygen but the cluster size of the oxygen is smaller and it can get absorbed better. It's not about getting more concentrations of oxygen. Added oxygen is only good when it is needed.

How does hyperbaric therapy really work?
Basically, it develops pressure so that more oxygen can be dissolved into the blood. It lowers the cluster size of the molecules. The extra concentrated oxygen can help reach the spaces that normally wouldn't be reached because of the larger cluster size. Spaced apart cells from toxins and inflammation are the main reasons most parts don't get oxygenated.

How much pressure is just right?
Too high is not good, especially for kids. I have heard that cheaper chambers aren't as regulated and if you want to pressurize the chamber to 1.3 and it is really pressured at 1.6, then these inaccuracies can cause major problems. If you set your oven to 350 and it was really working at 400, it can totally mess up your recipe. What many people do is that they go to a lake with a tape measure and see how low they can go until they need to equalize their ears. Most people can go about 11 feet until they need to equalize their ears. If someone can only go 8 feet then this can help make a decision on a chamber.
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∫​Airsep Intensity 10 Oxygen Concentrator.
I only promote the Airsep 20 psi 10 lpm model. (only with oxygen level monitor.

NOTICE: Having 1 Oxygen concentrator turned up to 8 to 10 LPM will NOT deliver 95%. I urge those doing HBOT to have two oxygen concentrators to avoid oxygen concentration in the 80% to 90% range.

The Airsep oxygen concentrator that we use for the hyperbaric chamber must have 20psi. There are only 2 companies that make a 20psi concentrator, Airsep and OGSI OG-20.

Both are good but for 24 hour operation (continuous) such as if someone is using it the whole night sleeping in the chamber or gonna spend half the day in it who is trying to keep their body oxygenated for some health reason, then the OGSI is the one I usually recommend. The Airsep Intensity 10 is the oxygen concentrator that I recommend for most people that go in for 2 hours and come out.

Those wanting a true 10 lpm that can handle back pressure of a hyperbaric chamber without buying 2 concentrators can use the OG-20. It has aluminum sieve beds and a different sieve material than the residential one.

If not sure which oxygen concentrator to get, give me a call and I will help you compare them.

Note: if using an Airsep 20psi oxygen concentrator with the hyperbaric chamber, I strongly recommend getting 2 of them and setting each one at 7 liters per minute. Remember, the lower the setting the more oxygen that is concentrated. So, if using 1 concentrator in a chamber, at 8 liters per minute, it might only be producing 92 or lower percentage of oxygen. If using 2 concentrators and setting them both at 4 liters per minute, it should give a much higher concentrator of oxygen.

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