Some chambers are not as portable as others. Things to consider are inflating the bolsters if traveling versus getting bolsters that come in 1 foot pieces and putting them together. Some compressors are lighter than others and have carrying cases, others are not as portable. Some are also heavier than others. If going on a plane, some can fit overhead and others have to fit under the plane as they can't go in the overhead compartment. Some have bolsters that do not fold into pieces. Some are white and get dirty easier and you have to be more careful not to stain them, especially if you are renting it and want to get your full deposit back. Kids are alway getting their hands on permanent markers and want to draw pictures on them, yes, this was why I had to sell my last one so cheap. Some belts have to be snapped together while other don't. On some you have to reach out to snap the belt once you are in there and other chambers you just hop right in that doesn't have buckles.

Some models have larger motors that are about 2 feet by 1 foot by 14 inches, very heavy. These have about around 80 psi. If you are running a 4psi chamber

Some compressors are only 12 psi, usually the more portable ones. Typically, they would be noisy for other applications requiring more psi, but for chambers that are only 4psi, a 12 psi motor will be quieter. You don't really sacrifice power since chambers don't really need much psi to operate. 80 psi can inflate a tire or could run high pressure equipment or hydraulic system.

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