Quieter compressors: Some are noisy while others are loud. Louder ones that are higher psi may need to be enclosed or have more expensive mufflers.

Quieter oxygen concentrators or just having one: about 90% of the people that call me want an oxygen concentrator. These do not come with the chamber. They can cost from 500 to 3000 dollars generally.

Extra windows: Windows increase the expense of a chamber because there are additional labor hours involved in making the windows. A chamber with one window will usually be the cheapest. The more ply the windows (layers of thickness) the more it will cost also. 5 ply is usually the highest.

Collapsable inflatable bolsters: Inflatable bolsters have a higher cost to produce than foam bolsters. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

Pricing: Why some cost more than others for just a little more size:
Why are some chambers 5,000 dollars and others close to 20,000 dollars? Or how come one 28 inch chamber costs 10,000 while another costs close to 5,000. There are differences that most people probably won't notice unless they have compared different chambers, like me. I get asked every day, "It doesn't make sense, I need a bigger chamber for my kid and I can afford the 23 inch chamber but I need a larger one. Just for 5 extra inches, why an extra 10,000 dollars. I can get a 23 inch chamber for 5495 and a 28 inch one costs me over 10,000". The complaints are usually like that and I look like the bad guy. If anyone thinks these are over priced, please read my site and research why they cost so much. At $100 an hour is what professional welders get paid. It is not really the material costs. It's inspections and everything to insure the chamber won't have any problems. If someone really want's to get a chamber and doesn't care about safety, there are plenty of non FDA cleared ones usually from 3rd world countries and I would never recommend them. I am the one that hears the complaints and horror stories from people that have called me over the years that have bought these types.

Here is what you will typically get for.

under 4,000. A used chamber. old ones that still the current models that are out of warranty. For new ones under, they usually are not approved and many of the places that advertise these do not really exist. If someone spots a new chamber for under 4000, please email me so I can check it out. These types usually only 1 air intake valve and do not have dual cooler ports.

4,0000 to 6,000: The one in this range is the Shallow Dive by Summit To Sea or the Military Dive.
Chambers in this range are usually 28 to 33 inches in diameter. These typically take about 40 to 50 linear feet of material and take about 1 day worth of hours to manufacture. These typically have 1 window and the windows are very small, usually 1 foot in diameter. Models under 4,000 typically aren't 5 ply and take very little time to make although they have about the same material. The more expensive models have more windows. At 5 ply windows, each window significantly increases the costs. Adding 5 ply increases the strength and air tightness of the welding in case their are air bubbles which I have never seen on a FDA cleared chamber. A good used, out of warranty, 28 inch chamber should fall in this range too. These use a smaller compressor because there is not as much volume and takes less time.

6,000 to 10,000 These are in the 27 to 28 inch range in size with a 2 year warranty.  You can get a 32 to 40 inch chamber in this range for 6,000 to 10,000 typically without a one year a warranty. Very few companies will offer a year warranty on used ones that are in perfect condition. These usually have between 1 to 4 windows. A 27 to 28 inch will usually have the largest compressors

10,000 to 15,000: The are many chambers in this range, ranging from the 27 inch to 40 inch. There are vertical chambers that cost 13,000 and 36 inch ones around 16,000. These usually have no less than 3 to 4 windows. Over the last few years, chamber prices have dropped and the ones that were over 16 to 20,000, now fall in the 10,000 to 16,000 range. Most companies have reacted to the economy dramatically to make chambers more affordable.

15,000 to 20,000  There is only two chambers that falls into this high priced category that is over 16,000 on the market currently and are 32 to 40 inches in diameter. These are big enough for three people. It can get very hot and muggy if there is not a cooling device unless the person is hydro phillic.

More on 5 Ply Welding because people keep asking why they are so expensive:
5 Ply Welding: Believe it or not, a 28 inch chamber takes 4 times as long to build. It takes about 1 day to build a 23 inch chamber but 4 days to build a 28 inch chamber. Why? Before welding (melting the plastics), each layer has to be welded 5 times. It's not just like a big piece that attaches windows but doing it 5 times. Welding this many layers of the window at $100 an hour with a professional welder, labor takes about 4 days. It can take 30 hours to build a 28 inch chamber. Labor is the biggest expensive when it comes to chambers. Then they have to pay the inspectors, adding to the cost. Add warranties because people who abuse the chamber make it cost more for the people who take care of their chamber. Then dealers have to mark them up. Because they are so expensive, I am not renting more chambers than selling them which was just the opposite when my site first started. I have a reservation list for those who cannot afford a new chamber who wants to buy a chamber that was rented about 2 to 3 months. Email me if you cannot afford a new chamber and you need a chamber.
Also see my gratitude page for anyone needing a chamber who wants to help me out. Remember, just because I sell chambers doesn't mean I won't go out of my way to help someone. I cannot discount the chamber but make other things possible. See my gratitude page here.
Buying a used chambwr can save you as much as 50% off the price. Try to get the ones with
with extended 5 year warranties.
They can buy it for you their discount and you can work out a payment plan with them. Just try to pay at least their cost up front

If someone has a 5 year least and they already paid for 2 years, take over and get 40% off the chamber. Always find out the warranty left on a used chamber.
Military discounts subsidize the prices on certain chambers. A new 28 inch will cost between 5 to 6 thousand, delivered.
Just like they let me become a dealer, you can to. Convince them you can sell chambers to your clients and your probably won't be turned down either. Worked for me.

I was so tired of calling different hyperbaric chamber and getting different price quotes from everyone just to have them call me back later to lower their inflated prices. I refuse to work with opportunistic dealers who charge people based on what they think they can squeeze out of them. I try to work only with hyperbaric distributors who have a medical background, own a clinic, authorized by the manufacture to resell, and know the differences between the many models on the market, not those who just buy wholesale to make a buck. 
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