SCAM - This is the single largest problem that all hyperbaric chamber buyers need to spend time on before "choosing" which one they think is best. All of these companies have their own websites and present similar or contradicting information all at once to try and make their chambers seem better than the others. The trims may slightly vary if any, but in the end they are exactly the same value. They each claim of having special technology by making fancy names and descriptions for their models and motors, etc. 

Although some companies look and try to act better than others, they're usually holding the exact same thing as their competitor! If you look around long enough, you'll see that there are very similar products out there. WHY? IT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME! Watch out for this if you want original quality. If they really lie about stuff like this, I can't trust anything else they say is true. NOTHING YOU GET FROM THESE COMPANIES WILL BE ORIGINAL! The common liar always thinks their story makes them more special. Unfortunately, I've discovered that 99% of the hyperbaric chamber companies are like this. Even the guys who were extra nice to me. My opinion, find the real one. But if you buy a private label, at least know it is even it you buy it and accept that it's not that special. At least you know what you're getting right?

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