SCAM - Why do these liars all say theirs is the best? After visiting my 10th hyperbaric chamber website I knew that I had to be a detective and see who is telling the truth. After about 30 websites, I was able to cross out so many based on the fact that the inside of the hyperbaric chamber looked EXACTLY THE SAME, meaning they were getting them made from the same factories. So I learned how they were trying to give the message and compared them to the rest of the sites I found. I wonder how many people just fall for this trash, too many I suppose. Like I said, I'm looking for hyperbaric chambers that were actually tested and researched, not some knockoff with "private studies". 

Well if you want to talk about private research, I learned that the first two hyperbaric chambers I bought sucked, and the company seemed convincing before I knew what to look for. MOST HYPERBARIC CHAMBER COMPANIES CAN'T PRODUCE REAL CONSTANT OUTPUT PRESSURE THAT IS CLOSE TO THEIR INPUT POWER. Can we all say PEAK HORSEPOWER, PLEASE? Seriously, if everyone had good hyperbaric chambers , what's the point for all these companies to compete? THIS INDUSTRY IS ONE FILLED WITH LIES AND SCAMMERS, but there had to be the real thing out there for me.

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