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2 ways to do it depending on when the game is and the starting voltage of the player (MMA VS a long football game) Two different burn off levels.
For athletes looking for an edge, I have interviewed pro football players up to parents looking to give their kids an edge that play Tennis. When the blood is maxed out and can't hold any more oxygen, the oxygen can stay in the body for up to a day but just like juice that oxidizes about 10 percent every day till it spoils, every hour after the session the blood oxygen percentage goes down.

Depending on the starting voltage of the body (A volt meter will tell you the voltage of the body part. The foot ball player that uses the legs to run or a tennis player that needs to keep strength in the arm the entire game will have different voltages thought the game. A voltage sticker that you can stick on the leg is what some of the professional football players use. They are purple infused stickers that keep the body voltage of that part up and the stickers can be programmed based on how the energy is to be used u[p. I can have 10 stickers on and be super strong but I can burn out much quicker as I am using strength that I normally wouldn't have. So a foot ball player might not want to trick the body to use up more energy reserves too quick.
(see my youtube videos of people using it. A 120 lb girl can beat a 230 lb bodybuilder in arm wrestling after about 20 minutes of rounds.
Using the hyperbaric chamber for athletic usage, the goal for most athletes is to keep the body as oxygenated as possible before a big game for peak performance.

Keeping the body alkaline, at a high enough voltage, and oxygenated enough are the 3 things. Just being in a chamber right before the game is not enough for top peak performance and only a third of what is needed. Most athletes just do one thing and don't go all out. Although the chamber is the grandfather of all protocols and the most enhancing, their are a lot of "legal" things that can be done. Even raising the voltage of the water and drinking it and spraying the body with the water can instantly raise the body voltage. Some athletes get water delivered that has been infused directly by the generators that make them and others take a laser that has been infused and have someone laser the water and in between breaks in the game are constantly drinking it. See my youtube videos on this too.
The most popular chamber for athletes is the Vitaeris 320 chamber as it gives enough room to stretch and even go all out and put a portable generator to power a Recovery Pump. The chamber can even get more advanced out by getting a Bemer or Biomat under it and getting a blue light that goes right on the body though the windows out the chamber. Each blue diode light costs 9 grand. 3 of these costs about 25 grand for 3 little led looking lights. Come out and get on 40K PEMF machine for the legs and I'm good to go. There are some other things that can be done to gain peak performance using a chamber and add maybe another 5 to 10 percent performance, such as putting scalar infused silk threading though the uniform that act like one of those energy bracelets but having it all over the body.

Talk about this to most people think its probably strange but until its tried its hard to know the tingly magnetic feel when the body is oxygenated, raised to a higher voltage, and the blood is alkaline. Even if its 3am, and I am tired, just raising the voltage of my body can make me feel energized again. I come home every night and sleep in my chamber about 3 nights a week. If I went to the club and got home at 4am and I have a Jiu Jitsu class at 11am on Saturday, you better believe I am gonna sleep in the chamber with my bio or Bemer mat and use my 02 concentration at 10psi.

There is no athlete that has ever told me they didn't feel the difference in their game performance when using the chamber for 2 hours a day or more. Sleeping in it is the best before a big game.

Using 4 or 5 protocols while in the chamber is like charging the body and making sure the battery stays full the almost the entire game, best way to describe it.

Note: anyone that wants a free sample of one of these stickers to stick on the body, make contact. 

A smaller chamber is fine too as long as someone doesn't need electricity in there and doesn't need the extra room. A 23 inch chamber is fine if someone just wants to lay there but if someone is big their arms don't lay flat as the sides of the chamber push the arms inward which gets a little uncomfortable after about an hour.

For someone getting in a chamber and doesn't like it to get muggy, having a better compressor that blows more air in. You can also attach an air cooler sound muffler so the chamber is whisper quiet.
See my video on what a whisper quiet chamber sounds like.

Take my Hyperbaric Chamber quiz here.
2nd most popular protocol used with hyperbaric chambers.

See my videos on what happens when people raise their body voltage, just by 5 mili volts.

I have a combined over 200 videos on going up to strangers letting them experience what happens when I raise their voltage. Happens in less than a minute.
Sticking one of these on my body (I stick 5 of these in each shoe and stick one on each shoulder during my workouts. I notice a night and day difference in my work out. I have videos of arm wrestling where anyone using it beats the other person in arm wrestling no matter how strong the other person is. Its like having a bodybuilder curling a 50 lb dumbbell till they cant curl anymore, then the weaker person is stronger. See my videos on this. I have over 100 videos of total strangers doing demos in the park. Raising the body voltage, oxygenating the body makes a huge difference in the game.

I have free samples available for anyone that wants to try. Free samples based upon availability.

Playing a full game at max body voltage and maxed out oxygen capacity makes a night and day difference in my game. 

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