THE BIGGEST EXCUSE I HEARD TALKING WITH THESE COMPANIES is that their chambers are not the best, but they cost less for you and they are just as good. Okay, I'm confused here. So they're implying that I should save money on a cheaper technology, by spending money on them, and get just as good air pressure and longevity? Wow, that would be great if it made any real sense. That's why most of them try to just say their's is so Good.

All of these companies say, there is a really good one out there, but our's is just as good.  So they're number two? So they're all number two? Okay, this is a red flag, at least three of the brands say that theirs is the BEST and exclusive technology. I find out where their chambers are made and it's like, YOU LIED TO ME! At least three of the brands say that theirs is second best, but just as good. Both groups told me that their's is more "cost friendly" than the other model so why pay more when it's just as good.  

The truth is, I already sold my first two chambers and bought my third one to "resolve" that mistake. By this time I knew more because I was getting ready to sell this one off after learning more things. So these companies didn't realize I was not a "newbie" at this with limited information. I didn't even bring up horsepower issues (peaks and constants) in the beginning because I wanted to hear what they said, of course, they didn't mention that they had imitation ever. But I learned this so it made me question them more. The second model that I sold was my last mistake, because I was sold by the company marketing Advanced Technology from Japan. This company was even saying how their technology was Japanese, so I was happy until I used it. If I didn't get an itch to research to learn more about the it, I probably would think that they were real Japanese hyperbaric chambers. Come to find out EASILY once I typed in certain keywords, THIS COMPANY WAS JUST IMPORTING FROM CHINA WITH A PRIVATE LABEL!!! Yeah they had Japanese Technology, the ripped off imitation version from China and Taiwan that so many of these companies have!

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