Sample Questions that I have came up with that you can ask that apply to different needs. Different questions apply to different needs.

What bolster size works best?
What are the common types of bolsters?
Are some better for portability?
What bolster types stabilize the chamber better?
What will have the better longevity

What are the different types of zippers?
How many zippers on each chamber?
What zippers are more user friendly?
What is the overall length of the zippers?
What zipper configuration will last longer?
What type of gasket is used between the zippers?

What many windows are available?
What is the size of the windows?
Where are the windows located?
Do the windows build up with condensation?
Can you monitor the pressure gages through the windows?

Air Compressors
What is the power output/ peak power of the compressors?
How many compressors are used to inflate the chamber?
Can the compressors inflate the bolsters?
What types of compressors are more portable?
Which air compressor configuration is most quiet?
What type of compressor requires the least amount of maintenance?
What is the weight of the compressor/s?

Chamber Covers
Are chamber covers provided?
Will the covers muffle the sound?
Will the covers protect the chamber from puncture?
Can you replace the covers or are they permanent?
Will the covers reduce the wear and tear from everyday use?
Are the covers essential for any health reasons?

PRV™s (Pressure Release Valves)
Can you move locations with them
Are there different grades of PRVs
What is the DB level
How many PRV are there?
Can I replace them without sending in the chamber
Are they covered in warranty
Are the regulators tamper-proof or can you adjust them

Frame Types
How many pieces are there in the frame
What is the material used in the frame
What types of tools do I need to install
How are they held together
What is the frame weight
Can I change the frame configuration
What is the OAL of the frame
Are some frames more likely to puncture the chamber
Do I have to inflate the chamber to assemble
Can I put the frame together by myself

Chamber seams
Are the seams welded or sewn?
What seams last the longest
Is the Head, Feet, Zipper, & window portions of the chamber single, double, or triple stitched or welded.
Will the cold or heat bother one seam more

What is the weight
Is there one concentrator or two
Do they work in tandem or can you just use one
What type of concentrator will stay cool longer
Can you inflate the bolsters with the concentrator
Are the concentrators portable
Do they have handles or straps
Are the couplers plastic or metal
What is the DB level of the concentrator
Do they vibrate on the floor or will they remain stationary
Will they ever overheat
Is it fan cooled or air cooled
Is it piston operated
How many watts are produced
What is the longevity of the compressor
Single or double air intake

Chamber Position
Can you turn or roll the chamber (will benefit different types of patients getting into the chamber).
Can you operate on the ground or a platform

Pressure Gages
1. Will my chamber come with a pressure gage
2. Can you read the gage from inside the chamber
3. Is there an attachment for a second gage
4. Can you remove the gages if your transporting the chamber
5. Do the gages work independently or are they connected

What are the dimensions of the mattress
Is the mattress resistant to water or perspiration damage
Can you replace the insert of the mattress
Can you decompress the mattress
What is the fabric used.
Can you easily maneuver on the mattress
Is the mattress restricting in any way
Is the mattress able to support two people comfortably
Is the mattress puncture resistant

Filtration system (How air passes throughout the chamber)
What type of filtration system does the chamber have
Will the chamber filtrate the air
Will the chamber cycle air throughout the whole length of the chamber or part.
Is there an internal air filter
When do you have to change it
How expensive are replacements
Where is it located
What are the filters made out of
Will mold build up in a humid environment
I will do my best to answer any question about any hyperbaric chamber.

Our hyperbaric chamber quiz isolates all relevant issues without sales manipulation or hidden agenda. You should know these questions before buying a Hyperbaric Chamber. If any of the terms below are unfamiliar read the Glossary of Terms page before taking the quiz.
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I am interested in a
How many years do you want to keep the chamber rated for the top PSI?
How tall are you?
Do you prefer sitting or lying down in the chamber?
Are you going in the chamber alone?
Are you going to operate the chamber alone or with someone?
Will you be monitored?
Are you going to use oxygen therapy?
Do you care if it gets hot in there as long as you get the benefits?
Does being in a muggy climate bother you?
I plan to use my hyperbaric chamber for:
My experience with Hyperbaric Chambers:
Do you prefer a particular brand?
If so, which one?
Hyperbaric Chamber Manufacturing Origin:
Hyperbaric Chamber Pricing:
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What else should I know about you in order to give you the most accurate evaluation?
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How much oxygen saturation do you want?
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Hard shell >4PSI
not sure yet
soft shell 4PSI
10 years at peak rated PSI
5 to 10 years at peak rated PSI
1 to 5 years at peak rated PSI
yes, just me
No. I am going in with a child
No. With another adult
Yes. I do not need any help using the chamber
No. I will have someone help me
YES. I don't need a guage inside, only the outside
NO. I will need the guages inside the chamber
yes, an oxygen tank
yes, an oxygen concentrator
I am not doing oxygen therapy
yes, please make sure the air is cooled
no. I will sweat like a pig. I don't need any bells and whistles
Where I am is not too cold or hot so it doesn't matter.
I want it to be almost silent. I am sensitive to noise
some noise is ok
I will be wearing earplugs so it doesn't matter
Household Use - not more than a few hours a day
Light Commercial - regular use with a medium volume of users
Commercial - for use in a professional setting with high volume usage
Industrial Commercial - use in a high traffic clinic with it being in use constantly
Used one before but don’t remember the brand
Used one at my doctor's office
Saw one briefly but never used one
Saw them only over the Internet
I’ve been hearing about them
I prefer made in U.S.
I prefer made in China
I prefer made in Taiwan
I don’t care as long as its quality
I want the best that money can buy as long as it is reasonable
I will take a display or demo chamber for a discounted price
I will sacrifice chamber size for higher effectiveness quality
I will sacrifice only bells and whistles I don't need for a good price
I want to maximize size and pressure and care less about component quality
The lowest price is the best for me
I want to be directed to the right source, I don't want to waste time and money in the long run.
I want to become a dealer so I would like to speak with the appropriate party.
I just want to get one within my set budget.
I will purchase right away if I can get approved for financing.
100% increase oxygen saturation
200% to 300% increase oxygen saturation
300% to 400% increase oxygen saturation
100% to 200% increase oxygen saturation
not sure
I do not want to have to oil anything
Periodic oiling is fine
I don't mind oiling the zipper all the time if that is what I have to do
I would prefer paying a refundable deposit and pay less per month
I would rather not pay a low rental fee and not have to put down a refundable deposit.
a sports injury
ASD, brain injury
a medical condition, healing
under $5000 short term use, entry level quality, may need to be sent in for repairs periodically
$5,000 to $10,000, residential grade, daily usage
$5,000 to $10,000, commercial quality, long term usage