Rentals are what almost everyone wants now due to the economy. When it comes to rentals, I am always renting out new chambers and selling the old ones usually after 5 months of rentals. Certain people use them for 3 months and don't need it anymore while others need it for longer. If someone needs it over 5 months usually renting it to own is the best. I need to know up front so I won't try to find a buyer for your chamber. I try to sell them within 5 month or less to keep them clean and new. Sometimes people abuse the chambers, and scratch them, I have heard that cheap compressors gets louder as they age. I have fixed prices on my rentals without deposits and sliding scale prices with deposits. If I have to involve my partners to invest in the chamber for you to rent, the costs can go up to 4 times as high. All deposits are refundable. I have to charge a deposit in case the chamber gets damaged. If the manufacturer or my partners have to invest, I have to charge a higher fee because I have to pay them. The best way to get a reduced price on a rental is by already having a general idea on which one you want to rent and have a prescription ready. I will NOT go over my discounted rental prices with anyone that does not have a prescription. If you want to rent a chamber you canĀ contact me here.

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