SCAM - If you hear any dark, subtle shady secret from a company, that company is shady. I don't like how when I talked to these companies, they tried to scare me into thinking that other hyperbaric chambers will make me toxic and I'll die. They feed off paranoia and fear and they try to act like they are the savior. YEAH RIGHT. These chambers are junk, that's why they need to make up SCIENCE FICTION!!! They're not selling to you. They're trying to capture your imagination of the dark side. That insecurity in you is what they want. Scary. Like "go in another hyperbaric chamber for awhile and you'll be compressed to the point that you'll slowly turn purple and a third arm will start growing and your nose will fall off." I'M NOT A LITTLE BOY! DON'T TRY TO SPOOK ME YOU WEASELS!

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