Ok.. let me put it this way. You need to know what you need so you can find the best personal hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber. The chambers I like are totally different than the chambers kids like. Based on the person's individual needs, there can be MANY bests.
There is always a best model for someone if they try enough of them or they can let their dealer know what they are looking for, that is, if they can actually trust their dealer to not just sell them the one they THINK they will buy based on sales clues (the way they are dressed in the store, the way they talk on the phone or the town they are from). I called the same store on different days and told them my needs. One day I pretended like money was no issue... the other time I told them I was on a budget... I told them my needs.. OK............. And.........I got two different recommendations each time.

The salesperson tried to sell me whatever they think was in my budget weather or not the chamber matched my needs or not. I am tired of these dealers trying to always push the brand they make the most money on in the price range the customer is looking for.  
The best model might have all the features you are asking for but unless you get into it, it can feel totally different than the way it is described. There are some cheaply made hyperbaric treatment chambers but have powerful compressors that do the job (at first). They might have poor construction and a lack of features but they feel the best.

DO NOT BUY A HYPERBARIC OXYGEN CHAMBER FROM A DEALER WHO IS NOT WILLING TO LET YOU TRY IT FIRST. IF THEY HAD NOTHING TO HIDE, THEY WOULD USE THEIR DEMO MODELS, AND DO WHATEVER IT TOOK TO EARN YOUR BUSINESS. BUT IF THE DEALER KNOWS HIS HYPERBARIC THERAPY CHAMBER IS NOT THAT GOOD, YOU MIGHT NOT GET TO TRY IT. You will likely hear a good sales conversation. Do not get sold on the conversation. Get In the chamber if you aren't sure. Don't every feel pressured or go by the advice of a salesperson. Using one can answer most of the questions you might already have.
Use your intuition and not some sales talk by some random hyperbaric oxygen chamber salesperson on the net.

NOTE: If a company tells you that they do not have anyone in your area for you to try it, then I would personally not buy from someone who has been in business for "20 years" who has sold "thousands" as they claim and hasn't sold one in your area. A dealer, in my opinion, should be happy to call one of their customers and ask them if someone in their local area can come by and try it. If they have a good hyperbaric treatment chamber, they should be happy to do this.

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