All chambers come with a dual or single stage compressor. The most expensive company has the one with 1 compressor and the cheaper ones usually have two smaller compressors working together. Two compressors working together generally going at the same time stay cooler than the one with one compressor that is bigger, unless it is a top of the line one that usually has a high price tag.

Those that are sensitive to EMF might want to choose one over the other. The dual compressor models are usually lower warming as they have to work less hard as one bigger one unless the bigger one is capable of doing more than the job of inflating the chamber. 

Some people even put ice in a cooler and put the compressor horses in it which give off very cool air. This is for people that don't have the air coolers. Air coolers cost about 350. 

NOtice: Some chambers have compressors that come with the purchase of a chamber that get hot and humid inside the chamber. You can buy an after market compressor for more money. IF you don't want the original manufacturer's air compressor, let us know. We can always sell it to someone that doesn't want a better one. There are only a few companies that put top of the line quiet air compressors that you can put a penny on top of it and it won't vibrate it off. Very grounded ones.

​Note: putting an oxygen concentrator to the chamber will help get rid of bacteria if the chamber is used a lot. Many people are nasty and get sick from bacteria in the chamber. Similar to bed bugs probably for those that don't clean their sheets regularly and let their dog sleep with them and not washing its feet after it walks around walking in dog piss all around the city.

All work good but the models that you don't have to oil are the least noisy. It would seem that the oil lubricates it but the non oil type are much more expensive and don't get hot like some of the oiled type. The cheaper ones have to be oiled more often than others because it will over heat if you don't. The single stage ones are usually the better ones if getting oiled type models. The compressors that do not have belts that do not have to be oiled are usually louder. This is the only con to the models that you don't have to oil.. They are just louder but you don't have to hassle with anything.

Noise: the noise is from the humming of the pumps as it compresses the air. The cheaper ones vibrate more and you can feel the vibration even when on the cushion laying down in the chamber. The single stage types are the best. The direct drive type oil less ones are noisier and may create more heat. When air is pumped under pressure it creates heat naturally. Nothing is actually wrong with heated air so I don't think its a concern if the air is coming out warmer than you think it should be.

Know that the direct drive type model compressors that are maintenance free and louder as you don't have to ever lubricate anything you also get less years out of it. It will not last as long as the models that you have to oil and will have to be replaced sooner than later, but then again, they are very cheap to replace compared to an oil less model.

If you need help deciding on if you think you should get a chamber that you have to lubricate regularly or one that is oil less, let me know. There are trade offs that half the people want the oil less and the other type doesn't want the sound extra friction and choose the models they have maintain more.

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