Almost every week someone complains to me about zipper malfunctions. Zippers getting jammed from not oiling them. Some people dong get the oilless zippers and get lazy and wait till the zippers have too much friction and get stuck. Getting stuck when a kid is inside screaming because the zipper is jammed is usually the worst thing I hear. People are calling and yelling at me like I am the one who needs to be blamed. So that is why I am making a whole page on zippers so people can know up front about zippers before they buy a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

​If you want a cheaper zipper, you must lubricate it after every 50 uses or more if you don't want any friction.
Some zippers require absolutely zero lubrication or maintenance for the entire life of the zipper.
But, they cost a fortune and you gotta send it back to get fixed that can usually cost up to 250 to fix or replace it plus shipping it both ways back and forth. The zippers you gotta oil seem to last forever if properly oiled but the non oiling zippers, you might have to change them once or twice over the lifetime of the HBOT chamber, but makes the experience much easier as they are much higher quality.

Cheap zippers fray and do not go all the way to the end over time... you gotta pull on them much harder as they age to get them tight at the ends.

Some have 3 zippers, some have 2 zippers. Depending on the type, as they age, they can get very stiff and you have to shove your middle finger to manually push push all the way up till its 100% closed and if you can stick a pen tip through it, then it won't inflate at all. Then you gotta deflate it because it wasn't 100% closed in the first place and then it takes you about 5 to 6 minutes of wasted time time after 3/4 psi before when you realize it was not zipped totally… about 3 minute to bring down and 3 min to bring back up

The ones with 3 zippers at each end (total of 6) end helps you get in alone. If any of the zippers have a pin hole area to leak, it won't inflate.

Make sure you know the tooth count. Is it a 6 tooth zipper? I always look for a 9 count or 10 tooth zipper. The higher tooth count the better.  But, if it is a oil type zipper, you might want a lower number for less getting stuck. Not always the higher the tooth count is better. Make sure you know the type and gauge of the zipper. Know also if it has the zipper catch buckles and other bells and whistles that the cheap high tooth count zippers don't have. Having the catch buckles help for over travel prevention. Some get loose just like an old coat where the zipper wears out at the end tips. Metal catch buckles are always better than plastic ones. For the prices, seems like they would all use metal. I don't like to cut costs and features unless I really had to. It will be a mess in the long run. 

Off Tracking: The next biggest complaint
Off tracking can cost about $1200 to $1400 to send it back to get it back on track. It's a huge expense and you'll be out for about 10 days till you get it back. Again, make sure you know the potential zipper problems and history or at least know that your hyperbaric chamber has a quality zipper based on the "usage" you will be having. Also, zipper tooth size and if it is a fine or thick tooth track type affects if it can get off track in the future. Most problems happen with tooth counts are small and the tracks are fine. I have the least problems with the thick zipper tracks. Some zippers stay air tight for much longer than others. But again, the problems even with the cheap ones don't happen usually for the first 2 years anyway so not many people know about all these problems. It's usually the ones that are out of the warranty period. 

Note: even if the dealer is giving a warranty on it. Who cares if it is harder to zip up and the zipper leaks air. Many people are paying top rental fees on Hbot chambers that have been refurbished so much but people don't know it because they don't know what to look for.

​Cheap zippers: You got to spend more time manually sealing the air tight zipper and you have to massage it and manipulate the seal so the zipper flows right. The seals under the zipper can give problems as well on the cheaper ones.

​The last thing people want is to spend too much time massaging and using your hand to push the zipper so the pressure on the track (usually the thinner types). The less work you have to do to get the session started the better, in my opinion. All take some work but when you got to spend minutes longer is when it becomes a burden. 

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